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Intro-Live Life Out Loud

Intro-Live Life Out Loud

Welcome to my blog. For weeks, I’ve been thinking about starting a blog to share my thoughts, insights and lessons learned. The thought would come in but I would quickly dismiss it, believing I wouldn’t stay committed to posting entries on a regular basis or that posting a quick and general comment on Facebook was sufficient. Well today I was talking to a new friend and casually mentioned that I used to live in the shadows but now I’m choosing to be seen. That statement sparked a flame in me. Although I’ve been living out loud, owning my uniqueness and sharing my stories with people for a long time, HEARING myself say those words kicked it up a notch! So now has become the perfect time to start my blog and Live Life Out Loud is the perfect title! So welcome and thank you! It doesn’t matter if you never read another post, thank you for reading this one! 🙂

The ways in which we can choose to Live Out Loud are endless. Every single one of us has our own unique style, journey, experiences, lessons and issues. No one but you can tell you how to Live Out Loud. Keep in mind that this is an ever-changing process. How we are Living Loudly today may be different from how we express ourselves in 6 months or a year from now. When we embrace both the present moment and the process of Living Out Loud, we discover and truly feel the magic and the joy of life! Living Out Loud is a holistic experience, both a physical and a mental journey.  I will share with you just a few lifestyle changes that took me from living in the shadows and not being seen or heard to Living My Life Out Loud.

On the physical, I began changing my style of dress. My wardrobe is still becoming more colorful and I continue to explore what it feels like to wear new patterns and fabrics. I’ve explored showing more skin and showing less skin. My jeans got sexier, slacks became dressier and casual pants became more colorful. My tennis shoes even became more colorful. On occasion, I will even replace the loudly colored tennis shoes with dressy flats or heels! That switch was really big deal for me! I’m still not a fan of heels, unless they are boots, so I’m owning the “flat and comfortable with a dressy outfit” look. This is now my signature.  I own this, I rock this! Lesson: do not allow or try to live up to someone else’s standard of beauty or fashion. DO YOU and own it! Honor the process, no matter how long it takes!

Also, on the physical level, I faced the issues of self-consciousness head on! My public dancing and karaoke performances became less reserved and more carefree, without the consumption of alcohol mind you! Needing to be intoxicated to Live Out Loud is not being or living authentically.

For me, Living Out Loud also means making friends everywhere or anywhere. I am known to strike up a conversion with the bank teller, the store clerk, the mail carrier, the person next to me on a plane, the person in the same aisle of the grocery store. The opportunity list to talk to someone is endless. People love to talk about themselves. People need to know someone cares enough to listen to them. We like to be acknowledged and complimented. Sometimes, we just need to be seen. You never know what joys can follow a simple hello with a smile.

The final change that I want to share with you today is internal, conscious, daily and fluid. I started the journey of speaking my truth, forgiveness, acceptance, elimination and the changing and healing of my thoughts, perceptions and beliefs. These changes automatically improved my self-esteem, my self-worth and my self-love. Self-love is where our personal power is unstoppable. Self-love is essential for Living Life Out Loud. Most of my future blogs will be about this journey, so I don’t want to spend too much time here. Besides, this subject needs more and deserves more than a summarized paragraph.

So, I invite you to realize, recognize, discover and/or honor how you are expressing and owning your individuality and uniqueness, how you are sharing your passions, joy and love with others, and how you can love yourself more. Live on purpose, with joy and self-love and Live Your Life Out Loud.

In Peace & Health,

Beverly Bates